"Professional - for professionals" is the philosophy of the VICTORIA BORO brand.

Behind every recognized brand stands a Personality whose history is closely intertwined with the history of the company itself. So it’s no surprise that the brand is named after the professional name that symbolizes victory - VICTORIA BORO. It was this aspiration - the pursuit of victory and perfection - that led Victoria Borovikov, a well-known representative of the nail industry, to create a brand named after him.

The foundation of this brand is incredible perseverance and self-confidence, which has attracted the most famous American and European chemists to prepare product recipes. 

Victoria began her career in 2012. in June, and full dedication and diligence after four years realized the idea of creating own-brand products. The products on the market did not meet the needs of Victoria, either as a master or as a teacher, so there was a need to create a series that would suit even the most demanding customer, be safe, at the same time economical and as accessible as possible to the master. 

All formulas are designed and refined to meet the latest environmental requirements and take into account current fashion trends in the beauty industry.

VICTORIA BORO The conveyor principle is completely unacceptable when innovating for the sole purpose of adding to the range. Every product, on the one hand, is born of suffering, and on the other hand, it is created with great love and responsibility. Each product in the series is preceded by lengthy searches and research to meet the most whimsical needs. Usually, such searches are initially personal - Victoria tries to find out by observing what her students or clients need. 

Thus, the goal of ensuring comfortable operation, accessibility and safety for the customer compared to other brands is the three most important goals of VICTORIA BORO.

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